SOW – Case Replace

An up-to-date scheme of work that ticks lots of boxes in the curriculum spec can be hard to come by… well look no further because I have a great SOW that students love and I have even designed a booklet to go with it that is free to download!

I originally designed this SOW to meet some of the requirements of the new DT specification and we use it with Y8 on a 12 week rotation. Here are the areas/skills that the SOW covers:

  • Design context and problem solving for a design brief.
  • Research of the client and consumer.
  • Primary & secondary research – Questionnaires & product analysis.
  • Generating creative solutions/designs in consideration to a design specification.
  • Theory: Ergonomics, Anthropometrics, sustainability, product life-cycle & production aids.
  • Design development – Manufacturing Diary.
  • Evaluation of design solutions.
  • Sublimation printing, heat press, hot glue gun, vacuum forming, cutting, blister packaging.

Sublimation Printed by Jake

iPhone Case Process: Blank sublimation phone cases can be purchased from for around 85p each (We normally charge students for these). I then get students to sand off the white sublimation coating with glass paper, as I have found that the designs heat press to the metal surface better and it also gives a metallic finish. Students design & illustrate graphics for their phone case using Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, which I print onto Laser Image Transfer (hard surface) paper using a sublimation printer (remember to mirror flip the design). Students then use a heat press to transfer their design onto the metal plate – 180 degrees for 2m 10s. Peel off the LIT paper, remove the adhesive tape from the plastic part of the case and stick the plate down. Easy!

Packaging Process: Students design A5ish size front and back packaging using Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator and print it onto paper in colour. Mount the designs to grey board/foam board using spray adhesive and cut using a craft knife into the desired shape. Use a card template to cut out the right size blister packaging window in the front design again with a craft knife). Next, use the vacuum former and iPhone case shaped wooden  formers to make a blister packaging window (with clear HIPS). Finally, use the hot glue gun to assemble all parts of the packaging once the iPhone case is inside.

Student Examples

The student work booklet & end of unit exam paper is available for download via my TES store.


4 thoughts on “SOW – Case Replace

  1. Do you have any issues with students who do not own an iphone being disengaged with this project?
    I currently die sub mugs, but am forever asked about phone cases – I just worry about being able to provide for all students.


  2. Hi Mel, no not at all. Most probably 90% of the students in the class have an iPhone and I give them the choice of size of case. The rest either want to design a case for someone else, like someone in their family or I let them choose to do a phone pouch which fits any phone brand and size. I buy all the phone cases from a website called coralgraph once I know what sizes and makes I need. It’s been a very popular project!


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