Consumer Profile Cards

Being a Designer means stepping out of your comfort zone and forgetting about your own preferences & needs. However, I have noticed that this is sometimes lost in classroom practice. Students are given a design brief or problem to solve, yet the final outcome is bias and based upon what THEY like and want. Students design something for themselves that they can take home and use.


I was fed up of students becoming fixated, so I decided to design Consumer Profile cards that will enable students to think about other people when designing a solution to a brief.


The cards are written purposely in a paragraph so that students can use the information, like a reading comprehension, to dissect the important facts that they need to know. This will show a detailed understanding.

The cards include a range of people that have a variety of likes, needs and wants. This encourages students to choose a suitable consumer that is relevant to the problem that they have been asked to solve. (For example, if the problem is to design a product to help the elderly, then the Baby consumer profile card would not be suitable – Students should be expected to work this out after class discussion).

Print the cards on A4/A3 paper and laminate!


BUTTONTES Resource Download : CLICK HERE




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