Technology Careers Booklet

Christmas is over… GCSE options choices are looming! This handy little booklet has been created to help students fully understand what Technology as a GCSE subject has to offer in terms of careers, pay and useful skills. Careers information is generic to suit a variety of exam boards and pages can also be printed as informative posters!

In my previous school, Technology was a compulsory GCSE subject for all students, meaning I had never had to encourage students to choose it. I was surprised at how competitive the options process was and how little students actually knew about where a career in a creative field could lead, so I decided to design a careers information booklet for the Technology department at Sale High School.

I wanted to stress the importance of Technology as a subject, focusing on the advantages of studying a Technology subject at GCSE as it offers multiple, relevant skills that can be used in a wide range of jobs. What is more useful than a GCSE that teaches & predicts the future? A GCSE that ensures you have the skills to live in a modern developing society. Technology is everywhere in everything that we use. The creative industries generated £92 billion for the UK economy in 2016 yet it is a subject that is undervalued and misunderstood. Designing, coding, imagining should be at the heart of the national curriculum and the core of forward thinking schools. Its not acceptable to have 10% of students studying Technology at GCSE and we should all be fighting to keep our subject at the top!

CAREERS POSTERS.jpgCareers information for Cambridge Nationals: Creative iMedia

CAREERS POSTERS2.jpgCareers information for GCSE: Design Technology

CAREERS POSTERS3.jpgCareers information for GCSE: Computer Science

CAREERS POSTERS4.jpgCareers information for GCSE: Food Preparation & Nutrition




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