Register Recaps

Five interesting starter activities for students to complete while you take the register! Easily adaptable for any year group and subject! Ensure pupils are engaged and focused on entrance while recapping on previous lesson knowledge.

knowledge wheel

Knowledge Wheel: Students have to get from A-B by answering the questions correctly. However, if they want to get the most points, the must take the long route around, answering the more difficult coloured questions. This method gives students a choice and is differentiated for different levels of ability.

target practice

Target Practice: Using 3 darts, students must select 3 questions to answer to try to get the most points. Question difficulty varies based on the number of points each colour is worth. Again, this method gives students a choice and is differentiated for different levels of ability.


Keyword Scrabble: Students must figure out each of the keywords by answering the clues and matching the letters to the total number of points. This activity is a great way to check student understanding and correct spellings.

connect 4

Connect 4 Analysis: Students must connect 4 in a row, either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. At the top of each column there is a product analysis heading. Student can only connect 4 if they correctly analyse the product based on the heading. For example: Analysis the function of the torch, iPhone, fidget spinner and washing machine. Analysing the aesthetics of the watch, consumer of the baby toy, function of the fidget spinner and material of the Xbox pad. The gives students a choice from a range of analysis categories.

vocab snap

Vocab Snap: Students have 2 minutes to match the vocabulary word to its definition. Using a mini whiteboard they can write, 5E…1C etc. This is a great way of embedding keywords and literacy easily.

Five great activities to suit any subject with an editable digital download below!




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