The Graphic Guru’s 

Teaching a subject that focuses on independent learning can difficult for just one teacher to manage…and research has proven that pupils learn best from their peers – so why not combine the two!

I was inspired by the iconic Apple Geniuses that help customers in the Apple store, so came up with my own version of Graphic Design Geniuses; or even Guru’s.

Graphic Guru’s are Students who understand the task at hand better than the rest, who have possibly finished first and have done it well. Pupils who can be encouraged to help their peers, in return for a reward. They are your team teachers!

The Guru’s wear their specialist t-shirts which are based on an iconic Graphic Designer (David Carson, Neville Brady, Milton Glaser & Paula Scher) and they can be easily recognised by the rest of the class. They also wear ‘ask a genius’ lanyards, which are used to record the work that they have done. (The lanyard is laminated so it can be written on with a whiteboard pen).

The Guru’s record who they’ve helped and what they’ve helped with. They can then trade in their points for good notes  (or whatever reward system your school has). The record also helps the teacher by highlighting the pupils that may need extra guidance or specific aspects of the task that pupils are finding difficult.

The back of each t-shirt display a famous quote from the Graphic Designer.


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