Star Student Scratch Cards

I love to develop new ways of rewarding students for outstanding behaviour and effort within the classroom. This resource can be fully adapted to suit your specific subject area & school. It is a brilliant way of rewarding students – especially that quiet pupil in the corner who is perfect every lesson but somehow gets forgotten!

Inspired by the idea of scratch cards from a teacher on Twitter who made homework  cards for students, I decided to design and make my own range of scratch cards with a focus on ‘Brilliant Behaviour’ and ‘Excellent Effort’ during Design Technology lessons.

scratchcards 2.jpg

The following 6 rewards were decided upon after a discussion with students (…and after removing some of their unmanageable expectations & ideas!)

  1. No Homework Pass!
  2. Positive Phone Call Home!
  3. One Lesson Seat Swap!
  4. Fast Track Dinner Pass!
  5. 3 House Points!
  6. A Sweet Treat!

STAR STUDENT_SCRATCH CARDSWe decided as a department not to award the scratch cards every single lesson as we wanted to keep the ‘wow’ factor going. After a trial run, we eventually ran out of cards. Students were so engaged by the idea that they were begging us to make more! The surprise element of the reward keeps students excited. The fact that they are limited edition and only rewarded to ‘Star Students’ encourages all students to take pride in their behaviour and work so that they are in with the chance of winning one. The cards can also be kept afterwards so that students can show their parents (like a miniature postcard). 

Scratch Cards should be printed in colour on A4 card. Stickers can be purchased from the following Ebay store: HERE

Download the editable template for our ‘Star Student’ Scratch Cards for free below!




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