Fix-it Time Bookmarks

Its Sunday evening… you’ve already got the Monday morning blues and the last thing you want to do is mark a class set of books! What could improve the dreaded challenge ahead? …Fix-it Time Bookmarks! Guaranteed to half your marking time!


These handy little bookmarks have been created as an alternative to whole class mark sheets. They are easily adaptable to suit any subject, year group or specific scheme of work.

The ‘Fix-it Time’ (green) side of the bookmark includes ten commonly used student targets with letter codes, that can be written in pupil books, instead of the actual comment itself – ensuring faster marking time. There is also a star shaped target which is a ‘take it further’ activity, such as our challenge cards, aimed at high level learners.


The ‘SPAG’ (purple) side of the bookmark, includes common subject specific spelling mistakes, punctuation and grammar reminders.

The response from students has been extremely positive. They prefer having the marking comments right in front of them instead of on the board. They also like how clear the comments are to read, as sometimes students struggle with teacher handwriting. Spellings on the back ensure that literacy is addressed and easy to correct. Finally, because the bookmarks are easily accessible, students can work independently on green pen improvements.

Print double sided A4, laminate and reuse consistently with every class!


BUTTONTES Resource Download : CLICK HERE

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