Technology Challenge Cards

How are you challenging your most able students? Challenge Cards are a great way to embed high level learning activities into every lesson and more importantly… Students love completing them!


‘Take it further’ is part of our teaching and learning agenda this year. Ofsted regularly report that more able students are not being challenged enough in most subjects. Some leave primary school with high SATS results, yet fail to leave secondary school with top GCSE grades.

Challenge Cards have been created as an alternative to ‘more of the same’ extension tasks. Cards have been developed for individual year groups and contain either theory or design related activities – activities relate to the scheme of work but are always topics that students have not studied yet.

Each card includes a checklist (which are evident in all of my Technology booklets), so that students can tick off success criteria as they work through the activity. Challenge Cards also include house point rewards which are dependant on how well the student has completed the challenge. There is also a space for a teacher comment.


I staple the cards to the corner of student booklets so that challenge activities are evident in work scrutiny. Students also enjoy finding these in their books once work has been marked and handed back to them in fix-it time.

 In a recent Y7 Design Technology lesson, I explained to students about Challenge Cards and was amazing by the class response. Students were genuinely excited about the possibility of being given a Challenge Card after completing their classwork – especially disadvantaged boys. Students were working their socks off… just to be given an extra but alternative activity to do (yes, they actually wanted more work?!)

Cards should be printed in black and white on bright green A4 card. This makes them stand out in class books and look appealing to students.


BUTTONTES Resource Download : Click Here

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