Display : Awesome Adjectives

Literacy is a key ingredient to teaching that you expect to find in any classroom. The ‘Awesome Adjectives’ display is a bright and colourful resource that can be used in any subject area to support students with high level pieces of writing.

The Describing Words

In Technology, students often use adjectives when analysing existing products or evaluating their own designs. Whenever I asked students to complete these tasks, the response was always “This design looks good” – it would drive me mad!


I decided to create a giant ‘describing words’ wall that students could refer to whenever they had to complete written tasks. After a class discussion about the meanings of some of the describing words, students started to use them regularly in their writing. They analysed products in detail and understood how to describe designs using high level vocabulary.

Print each page on A3 paper to create your display. The comic style bubbles take a long time to cut out but I think the end result is defiantly worth the effort!


BUTTONTES Resource Download : CLICK HERE

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