Assessment Aids

In my mission to reduce marking workload, I have created two little assessment templates that can be used in any subject/classroom:
1) An emoji themed whole class feedback sheet.
2) A set of ‘buddy review’ peer assessment slips.

Emoji Group Feedback: This emoji themed group feedback sheet is a great way to quickly mark a whole class set of work without writing individual comments in books. Once the teacher fills in the group feedback sheet, it is scanned in and shown to students at the start of the following lesson, allowing them to make any suggested improvements. The shout-out box is particularly useful as students love seeing their name on the board for outstanding pieces of work – along with any rewards and challenge tasks.




Buddy Review Strips: Students assess their buddy’s classwork using the Buddy Review slip. The success criteria for the piece of work can be discussed as a class before assessing and then students fill in the 5 points that a successful piece should include. They can tick these off if their peer has completed them. After writing a strength and improvement, the strip can be glued/stapled into the book and the student can make any improvements suggested.


buddy review.jpg


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