Zero to Hero

More stationary rewards? …of course! Who doesn’t love a fancy pen from China… especially when its superhero themed! Zero to Hero pens reward students who get full marks on a piece of hero worthy work!


I have been using hero pens with Year 10 Creative iMedia students to encourage hitting the top mark band in coursework and they are loving them! The idea is very simple… if a student gets full marks on a piece of work, going from ‘Zero Marks to Hero Marks’ they win a hero pen of their choice and a matching postcard. Aim of the game is to collect all 12 characters (and constantly get full marks!)


My class have become obsessed with winning pens and I prefer to give useful stationary rewards instead of sweets so its working really well so far.

You can buy the hero toppers on a website/app called Ali Express, which is basically like a Chinese version of Ebay. (I have found that the mobile app is cheaper for some reason). Each pencil topper is around 30p – Toppers: Click Here I then picked up some black fine liner pens in Home Bargains which were 5 for 80p.

Below is a free download of each postcard design. I have left the strip at the bottom blank so that a personal subject specific message can be added. Edit in PowerPoint and print on A4 card.


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