Photoshop Computer Mat

This resource is great for helping students who are struggling while using Adobe Photoshop. It encourages independence and metacognition in the classroom. 


Section one contains 7 self-help strategies for a student who is struggling to continue with their Photoshop task. I have been teaching Photoshop to students for years and nine times out of ten, 4,5,6 or 7 is the reason why something isn’t working for them!

Section two is a handy tool guide. Sometimes students can’t remember where tools are located and they can use this sections keyboard shortcut to find it. The section also includes helpful setting shortcuts that students will need to use on a regular basis.

Section three reminds students how to complete a range of creative image manipulation effects. The effects can be adapted to suit individual designs but are a useful way of reminding students about the type of things they can do using Photoshop.

Print the computer mat in A3, laminate and keep it below the keyboard for students to easily refer to. You will never be asked to help again!


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