Observation Postcard

An observation postcard that encourages open discussion, staff collaboration
and removes the formality/pressure of teacher observations.

Observation Postcard.jpg

I love observing other teachers because its an opportunity to see students learning in subjects outside of Technology. I get to collaborate with colleagues and offer support and ideas if necessary. Teachers benefit from one another’s experience and observations allow you to hear other peoples perspectives about learning and pedagogy. In my opinion, the feedback given on a three page observation form is no more valuable than a couple of what went wells and even better ifs written on the back of a post-it note. Observations are about discussion, physically talking to each other to share ideas or address and figure out a way to improve upon any concerns.

I’ve designed a little A5 postcard for observers to give to teachers as a thank you for letting them watch but also as a reminder of the feedback discussed. The nicest part is the ‘pinched pedagogy’ section which encourages the observer to write down something they loved seeing in the other persons lesson, something they would like to use in their own practice. This could be an interesting classroom display, a behaviour management technique, a creative starter task. It removes the hierarchy from the observation – both parties are gaining from the experience and neither teacher is more qualified than the other.

I am yet to introduce this to staff, but the feedback from teachers on social media has been very positive.

If you would like to download a free printable version of the Observation Postcard, please click the link below (Print onto A4 card and cut to separate):



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