Hive Five Award

Creating a buzz about Teaching & Learning… Introducing staff ‘Hive Five’ awards!

As part of my role as Lead Teacher of T&L, I wanted to create some hype about teaching and classroom practice, celebrating weekly successes and staff achievements. Normally, schools ask staff to give shout-outs to their colleagues, but why not give a shout out to yourself?! Evaluating the positives from your week is great for mental health and well-being – Give yourself a Hive Five!

hive five

Each Friday, we ask staff to write down their weekly highlight, a teacher triumph or proud moment. The following Tuesday, we read out some of the entries and draw a winner out at random. The winning worker bee gets a ‘Hive Five’ certificate, bee pin badge and pen.

Its been great to read out all of positive comments each week. Lots of fantastic things happen behind the scenes in schools and the Hive Five award is a great way to encourage self-celebration and positive school culture!

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