Three Wise Monkeys

A simple revision game that combines three different memory techniques to create one fun challenge. Its based upon the ‘Three Wise Monkeys’ and students should be much wiser themselves after playing!


Teacher Set-up: Use the template below to create 12 subject specific keyword and matching definition cards.  Print the cards onto two different coloured pieces of card, cut and put into envelopes for multiple use. Students will work in pairs for this activity.

3 wise monkey.jpeg

Challenge 1 – See: Students need to remove the cards from the envelope and spread all 24 cards out on the table. They need to work together to match the keywords to the correct definition, the fastest team wins! The aim of this challenge is to introduce students to the 12 keywords and matching definitions.

Challenge 2 – Speak: Students need to take 6 keywords cards each and sit back to back. They need to describe the keyword to their partner without saying any element of the word printed. Their partner must guess the keyword. Fastest team to answer all 12 correctly wins! The aim of this challenge is for students to be able to recall the definitions in their own words without seeing them.

Challenge 3 – Hear: Students need to put all of the definition cards away (no cheating!) and spread all 12 keyword cards out on the table in front of them. The teacher will read a definition to the whole class. The fastest person from each pair to grab the matching keyword card wins that round. The winners are the students with the most cards at the end of the game! This challenge is a game of memory and speed.

This activity is perfect for GCSE classes so that students can revise exam specific keywords and definitions. My Year 10 students really enjoyed each game and by the end of the lesson, they could all recall each keyword and definition!



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